Admission and Discharge

At Gilmore Memorial Regional Medical Center, we are committed to providing quality healthcare in a safe, compassionate environment.  We strive try to make your hospital visit pleasant.If you have concerns or issues at any point during your visit please contact our Patient Advocate at (662) 257-6738. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions and wish you a speedy recovery.

Before You Arrive

Pre-Admission Procedures

Gilmore Memorial Regional Medical Center wants you to be involved with your health care. We understand the hesitation of our patients because they are not sure what to expect when they are scheduled for a procedure. You always have the right to ask questions and we encourage you to take an active role in your healthcare.

Insurance Cards

Please remember to bring your insurance card with you for registration. Our admitting staff copies insurance cards to facilitate follow up with insurance carriers and to protect you. Please have your cards available to speed up this process.

When You Arrive

Admission Process

Current Medications On admission you will be asked many questions by our staff that will be used to plan your care. All of your current medications will need to be brought to the hospital for identification and then sent home.

Going Home

Your Discharge Procedures  

Upon receiving an order from your physician for discharge, the nursing staff will initiate discharge procedures. This process includes ensuring all tests have been completed, follow up appointments have been set up as ordered and appropriate, and  education material has been obtained.   

Post Hospital Care

If you have any questions or concerns about your care after hospitalization you may contact your doctor. Written instructions including a list of medications will be provided at the time of discharge.   We hope that we have exceeded your expectations for quality care in a friendly, safe caring environment.