Visitor Information

Visitors to Gilmore Memorial Regional Medical Center should park in the parking area on the east side of the Hospital. The parking entrance is located on Earl Frye Boulevard. Parking is also available in front and side of the front of the hospital.

Patient Pickup
Patients can be picked up at the Main Entrance on the Boulevard seven days a week, at the Main Hospital entrance.

For the safety and comfort of our patients, visitors and staff, smoking is strictly prohibited in Gilmore Memorial Regional Medical Center facilities. One approved exterior smoking area is provided in the parking lot.

Cell phones and 2-Way Radios
Due to the possibility of electronic interference of medical equipment, the use of cell phones and 2-way radios is prohibited within our facilities.

Making Outside Calls
For local calls from all Hospital phones dial "9" and then the number. For Long Distance Calls Dial 0. The operator will ask you how you would like the call billed and assign a long distance line to your phone for the duration of your call. Telephone devices to assist the deaf and hearing impaired can be obtained upon request.

Calling Hospital Extensions from within the Hospital
Simply dial the last four digits of the number.

Calling Hospital Extensions from outside the Hospital
Dial directly by dialing 256 and then the extension number. Callers outside the Hospital can call a patient directly by dialing 256-6 and then the room number. 

Pastoral Care and Chapel Services
Pastoral care and counseling is provided by chaplains who are available to assist patients and their families at any hour.

An interfaith chapel is provided for prayer and meditation and may be used by you, your personal minister or your family and friends. It is open at all times and is located near the Central Nursing Station.

Our Staff
During your stay, you will come in contact with physicians, nurses and other members of our clinical team such as dietitians, physical therapists and lab technologists. Each staff member should be identified with a hospital badge.

Magnolia Room (Cafeteria) 

7:00 am-10:30 am
11:30 am -1:00 pm
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Restrooms and Vending Machines
Restrooms are located in or near visitor waiting rooms and in the hallway toward the front of the building.

For the convenience of our visitors, there are vending machines located in the Outpatient Pavilion (near ICU).