Emergency Center

The Emergency Department at Gilmore Memorial Regional Medical Center offers around-the-clock emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A physician is always on duty to see the approximately 17,000 people per year who seek emergency treatment.

Gilmore Memorial's Emergency Department offers 15 treatment bays, trauma room, chest pain room, orthopedic room and a three-bed admissions area. The Emergency Department has a patient friendly design with a walk in entrance separate from the ambulance entrance.

All nursing, clinical and physician staff in the Emergency Department have advanced emergency training and certification.

Gilmore has implemented an ER Extra iPhone app designed specifically to provide wait times, a map to the hospital, a link to the main website and the phone number. This app can be used for those not requiring immediate emergent care. The goal is to help decision making in emergency situations extra fast and extra easy. Current wait times are also displayed on our homepage.