Wound Care Center

When a wound from an accident, underlying disease or infection isn’t healing properly, appropriate care can save life and limb. Gilmore Memorial Regional Medical Center's Wound Care offers highly specialized care at our Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center, located adjacent to the hospital at 1127 Earl Frye, Suite E.

This facility is designed to monitor, manage, and treat chronic non-healing wounds. Wounds that resist healing can lead to many complications, including infection, sepsis, hospitalization, deformities, amputation, or decrease in function.

The Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center at Gilmore provides diagnosis and treatment for a variety of chronic or non-healing wounds in an outpatient setting.

Wound Types Treated:
Pressure ulcers
Arterial ulcers
Venous wounds
Diabetic wounds
Surgical wounds
Trauma related wounds
Radiation tissue damage
Gangrene Complex soft tissue wounds
Lymphedema Burns

What We Do
At the Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center, our team of medical specialists is trained to treat all types of wounds as early and efficiently as possible. The first step in the road to recovery of a non-healing wound is an examination by one of our wound care physician specialists. We will create an individualized treatment plan in which all the necessary caregivers – from specialty surgeons to therapists and family members – are included.  A physician has the option to call the center for an appointment for his or her patient or patients may call the center directly.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
This emerging technology uses a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to help speed wound healing. The chamber contains 100% oxygen that is administered under pressures greater than 1 atmosphere. Lying in this chamber, breathing normally increases the concentration of oxygen in the blood. This makes more oxygen available to damaged body tissues, which helps the tissues repair themselves.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used for the treatment of difficult medical problems such as:
  • Chronic problem wounds, including diabetic foot wounds
  • Compromised grafts and flaps
  • Radiation injuries to soft tissues or bones
  • Chronic refractory ostemoyelitis (bone infections)
  • Acute ischemias
  • Necrotizing soft tissue infections
  • Gas gangrene
  • Crush injuries
Contact Us
Patients may be referred to the Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center by their physician or may call the center directly at 662-305-8653 or fax at 662-305-8655 to schedule an appointment. The Center participates in many commercial insurance plans, HMOs and PPOs. 1127 Earl Frye Blvd, Suite E, Amory, MS 38821. Hours of operation Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.